On Uniforms

School days for me started when my son went to school last Monday. He was excited to wear his uniform polo shirt. I’m glad it was made of nice material so that he will feel comfortable. It is also easy to care for which is also great for me. I was with him on his first day and I’m really happy that he enjoyed it. The hall was full of parents watching their children and I’m sure every single parent felt the same way I did. Happy, excited and proud for our children! This is really a milestone for them and I really hope that my son will enjoy his first school year. He was greeting each teacher he sees with good morning and he was smiling at them. The teachers, all women, were wearing women’s work shirts as they, like the students, are required to wear uniforms. I noticed that their uniform shirts are made of light / cotton material and look professional but comfortable and approachable. The teachers get their uniforms from iD by Landau, and once my son is older he will be able to buy his uniform polo shirt from them as well. iD by Landau have many different types of stylish uniforms for hotel and restaurant workers, and they also supply a good variety of corporate uniforms. This reminds me, I should recommend them to our HR since they are looking for uniform work shirts for the employees of our subsidiary. This company is perfect for them!

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