Outdoor Furniture

I talked to my mom the other day and after our usual conversation asking how we are and the kids, we moved on to another topic. I was surprised when she told me she looks at outdoor furniture whenever she’s out in the mall. She said that lately, her interest is into looking at the furniture and was thinking on what’s the best design to put in their house. She said there are outdoor dining sets she particularly liked during one of her visits at the mall but of course she needs to ask approval from my aunt first. She also mentioned that since we’re thinking of buying a house, we should consider having a patio on the design and she will be in-charge to look for Patio Furniture. I was just laughing at her and told her okay we will find one so we can grant her request. And so now we’re on the search I have no idea why it is my mom’s passion these days but I’m glad that there’s something that keeps her busy while she’s away from us. We wish to see her soon and hopefully by then we have our own house with patio so we can grant her wish. :)

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