I was tasked to handle the re-launch of our company's newsletter. I have no idea why it was me but since the job calls for it, I have no choice but to do it. ? I asked assistance from the different department heads for their articles and I'm glad they cooperated, and provided me with photos and write-ups. Good thing their articles are well written that I don't need to hire editorial services and I can just edit by myself. Thanks to my background on editing our school newspaper way back school days. I am mostly done with the newsletter and showed a sample to our President. He said he likes the outcome and he just wants to add an article that talks about one of products used as prize in one of the noon time shows in television. He also asked me to look for publishing services that can accommodate the printing of our newsletter and I must find one that offers the best service yet very affordable. He also mentioned if I know of an ebook publisher because he needs it for his research. I told him I'll do my research and will let him know once I find one. But for now, I need to focus first on our adtelekast so that we can release it soon.

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