Anevay's Birthday

Last July 24, we attended Anevay’s Birthday at Jollibee Meralco in Marikina. Anevay is the pretty daughter of fellow mommy blogger Milette. At first we were not sure if we can come to the party because I’m not familiar with the place and we don’t have a car because my sister is going to use it. But Paul said he knows the venue and we can take the cab going there. I’m glad we did because the party was great and my kids had fun!

We were there early so the kids were able to play first before the party started. And when it did, Lance had so much fun and I was surprised that he joined the games. It was so funny when he joined “the boat is sinking” game because he really doesn’t know how to play it but he was among the last kids who were eliminated. During the rest of the games when Lance doesn’t want to join anymore, they kept themselves busy with the crayons, and even when it was time to blow the candle.

Thanks again mommy millette for inviting us to the party. It was great to see you again. :)

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