And very irritating! Our house is right across the covered court in the village. I often find it a disadvantage for most nights, the covered court is used by anybody who made a reservation. I really won’t mind them using the court but I do hope they consider the noise they make. Like now, my kids are asleep already but since there’s a group practicing a dance, they can’t sleep well for the music at the court can be heard here in our room. Now, I have to put them back to sleep and I am trying to finish some tasks that are due in an hour! There are times that there’s a basketball game in the court that lasts until 12 midnight! Imagine that! I don’t know if there’s a policy on using the covered court but I do hope that our barangay chairman will take into consideration the houses beside the court because the noise is really unbearable! I plan to ask about it as soon as I have the time, but for now we have no choice but to suffer from their noise. Hmp!

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