In these days of poverty and hardship, most people tend to steal things just to make money out of it. It happens wherever we are and we just have to be extra careful in making sure that our things and our valuables are secured. In common areas like gyms, some are asked to provide their own padlocks for their lockers while some are given keys by the administration which must be returned when you’re done with your workout. I remember when I used to go to the gym, I choose a specific gym locker for I like its location and I feel that my things are secured in there. There was news before that there’s a thief inside the gym so all of the members are really careful not to lose their things. The administration before was even considering of changing the lockers and were looking for lockers for sale. I haven’t gone to the gym for a few months and I don’t know how their system works now, but I do hope that they don’t have problems anymore in security.

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