I recently talked to one of my high school friends who said she’s having problems with her husband. She said that her husband lost his job a few months ago and he has been looking for a job but to no avail. He said her husband lost hope and got lured into alcoholism. Now, she said most of the time her husband either stays home because he is sleeping all day due to hang over or goes out at night to have a drink. She said she needs to find an alcohol treatment so that her husband will go back to his normal state of mind. He said the husband doesn’t hurt her or their children but they don’t get to talk to him that much anymore.

I really am sad for her because I know both of them very well and I know they are good people. I told my friend that there is an alcohol treatment center where he can bring her husband. I do hope though that the husband is willing to undergo alcohol rehab so they can go on with their lives. It’s really sad when things like this happen to people, especially to those who have children to take care of. I pray for my friend and her family that they can surpass this problem and continue to live their lives again.

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