On these day and age, a lot of people are now very open to the use of science in making them look young, slimmer and sexier. There are those who get tummy tuck surgery to make their tummy smaller and without bulges. Most of the female artists in my part of the world do these things. I don’t really blame them because aside from talent, how they look and how they present themselves in front of their fans and detractors can make or break their acting career, especially for the sexy stars. These women even submit themselves to breast augmentation just to have bigger breasts which is what most men like. There are even men’s magazines showing only pictures of female stars revealing their sexy bodies. Surprisingly, not only people in the show business do these things. I even remember I saw in the net about a cosmetic surgery mexico advertisement. As for me, I have nothing against women doing those things but I don’t think I’ll be subjecting myself to one. Maybe I’m not too bold to try it and not to mention I find it expensive. But I’m sure those women who tried it already was happy with the result and helped them boost their confidence.

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