Cobi's Baptism

A few weeks ago, we attended Cobi’s baptism held at the Archbishop’s Palace and the reception at Jade Palace. Cobi is the son of online friend Abie and Howell. Paul and I were late at the church for we don’t know where it is haha! I was the one driving since I’m more familiar with the place but we still got lost haha! We were able to find it lang when Paul used his phone and checked google map and finally we got to the church. Good thing the baptism is not yet finished when we arrived.

From the church we went to the reception where we met other online friends Jacqui, Alpha, Mich and Jody. Here’s a picture of us sans Jody and Jacqui downloaded from Abie’s flickr. I envy Abie for she doesn’t look like she gave birth. Hayz! When will I lose weight kaya? Anyhow, welcome to the Christian World Cobi! Thanks again Abie and Howell for inviting us. :)

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