Dapitan Arcade

Me and my sister went to this place this morning. We have head that this place is famous for having Christmas decors that are nice and yet so cheap. My sis asked me to drive for her since she doesn’t know how to get to Dapitan if coming from our place. So after hearing mass and having our breakfast, off we go to Dapitan. We’re glad that we did not have difficulty getting there and that we were still able to find a good parking spot despite so many cars there. Moreso, we were happy with the items we bought because indeed they were cheap. We bought different styles of Belen to give to our uncles and aunts in the US as our way of saying thank you to them for being there for our parents. We also bought a small holy family to be given to the people who helped us when we got affected by Ondoy. We were not able to give them anything last year since we were still recovering at that time. Anyhow, if you are looking for nice Christmas decors, Dapitan Arcade is the place to visit. The sellers said now is the perfect time because items there are still cheap since it’s only September. They said that the prices will increase when it’s near Christmas time.

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