Our world has become polluted over the years.  That's because most of us did not do our share in making our world clean and a better place to live in.  But it's great that we now realized that and that people are now conscious of what to do. Some even conducts marathons as a ways of gathering funds in order to clean a river. Companies are now aware and are doing their share for the environment.


Anyhow, since we have a polluted environment, our immune system sometimes breaks down and we get sick.  And so to prevent this from happening, 4Life introduces a product that help support our immune system.  They have an immune support which is the Transfer Factor that enhances the immune system and makes it more equipped in doing activities daily.  The 4life transfer factor helps increase the natural killer cells in the body which main function is to fight of bacteria, viral infection and fungal among others.  It makes the immune system ready in case there will be infections.  4life transfer factor also claims that it helps enhance the person's memory and increase its IQ if regularly taken.


4life transfer factor is not a vitamin or a drug but it certainly helps a person's way of living.

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