Check Up

I am thinking of getting a check-up for myself to see if I am still healthy. I plan to visit my OB also for I need to have a papsmear and at the same time consult her on the cervical cancer vaccine. Our office offered to subsidize first the cost of the vaccine and salary deduction will be implemented for those who would like to avail. I also plan to have her check my breasts and if possible some colon cleansing and all other tests that I can avail. I don’t really feel sick or anything but I just want to make sure that nothing is wrong with me. I hope I can go to the hospital next weekend.

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Rachel said...

Staying healthy all over is really important. It's tough for those of us who are short on cash -- I had to use a paydayadvance to help pay for my last gyno appointment. Good thing I did, though! She really helped me out.