Disappointed with Red Ribbon

Last Tuesday was Lance’s birthday celebration in school. He requested for a transformers cake and he was even the one who chose the design. So last Sunday, I went to Red Ribbon near Marikina City Hall to order the cake. I told them that I’ll pick it up Tuesday morning between 9:30-10:00am. They said no need to worry for the cake will be ready by 9:00am.

So Tuesday came and I was so surprised when I checked on the cake and saw that instead of Lance, the name Joshua was written on the cake! See the picture below:

The manager then made some phone calls maybe checking or looking where my cake was. I was getting angry already for it’s almost 10am and they still don’t talk to me on what they want to do. I told them to call the manager for I need to speak to her. When she came, she said that there was a mix-up in the delivery and the wrong cake was delivered to their branch, she said that if I can wait, they’ll have it delivered within the day. I told them that I can’t wait anymore for Lance’s party is about to start and I really have to go. I just told them to cover the name Joshua with Lance by using their icing. I also asked for a discount because of the trouble I went through. Eventually the manager was able to finish covering the name Joshua and here is what the cake looked like:
I was not happy with the result but I just have to settle with it because I don’t really have a choice. They gave me a 20% discount and apologized for what happened. I told them that I am really disappointed and that next time, things like this should not happen anymore.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Ma'am Tooni,

We apologize for this unfortunate incident and the inconvenience it has
caused you. Rest assured that I we are looking into this matter to ensure that this incident does not happen again.

Yours sincerely,

Isagani M. Mitiam
Area Manager