General Assembly

This month’s general assembly in the office is fun. Our HR prepared a game that all employees can join in which the winner will get a prize. We were all asked to bring P1.00 so we can participate in the game. And the game was so simple! It was jack en poy (rock, paper, scissors) and whoever gets to beat HR will win! Everyone was excited to join and brought their P1.00 with them. At first the pot money was only P500 but our HR collected from the management committee members that before the game started, the total pot money amounted to almost P2000.00

And so the game began. Employees were really happy that each one wants to beat HR. It’s as if we’re fighting over gold coins that we really have to win the prize! We were just asked to be honest that if HR beat us already, we have to leave the area. In the end, my colleague from I-view department won.

I hope that HR comes up with games as simple as those to make employees stay and have fun during general assemblies. Kudos to the HR people and congrats to Thirdy! :)

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