Deadly Mosquitoes on the Rise

Dengue fever or dengue hemorrhagic fever is a disease caused by the dengue virus transmitted by mosquitoes. Symptoms include fever, headache, muscle and joint pains, stomach pain, and the classic dengue rash. As of August 14 this year, more than 54000 dengue cases have been recorded nationwide, and the Department of Health fears that there could be 80,000 cases by the end of 2010. The DOH also said trends have changed, and dengue is no longer a rainy season disease. Dengue cases are now expected to occur even when the rainy months June to August, are over. In previous reports, Dr. Enrique Tayag of the DOH National Epidemiology Center promoted the “DENGUE” reminders:

  • Daily monitoring of patient, if new symptoms occur
  • Encourage oral fluids or oral glucose electrolyte solution
  • Note any symptoms of dengue, such as nose-bleeding, muscle pain, vomiting, or fatigue
  • Give paracetamol, not aspirin, as aspirin can worsen the bleeding
  • Use mosquito nets or screens
  • Early medical consultation

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