As I have mentioned before, I am addicted into watching Grey’s Anatomy for a couple of weeks already. And of course as for all hospitals, doctor scrubs differ in color depending on your level in the hospital. That goes the same for the hospital where I gave birth; I just don’t remember the color of the scrub suit of those who attended to me aside from my OB. J

I also like the scrub suits of the nurses and pediatricians. Too bad the same suits are worm by nannies here in my part of the world that some of the nurses don’t want to wear anymore, but still it looks cute. I remember one of my friends who’s a nurse in another country; she looked for the nursing scrubs on sale here in my country when she went on vacation. And she’s glad with what she bought. I’m sure if she had found wholesale scrubs, she will definitely grab it and will buy more.

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