Saturday 9: A Long December

1. Looking back at it now, how were your holidays and your time on New Year's Eve? ::It was so much fun. My family were together plus my parents were here too to celebrate the holidays with us.
2. Do you have any unusual collections? :: no i don't
3. If you could train a machine to do one thing for you whenever you wanted, what would you have it do? :: convert into a gadget that i want :)
4. What is one thing that makes you cry? :: i'm a cry baby. there are a lot of things that make me cry
5. What do you love to do on the weekend? :: be with my family, either spend it at home, out of town or anywhere else.
6. Do you and your family get along? :: yes very much
7. Have you ever gotten kicked out somewhere? If yes, do tell. :: nope
8. Who do you normally turn to when you need to complain about something? :: my husband, my friends or my sister
9. What is the last thing you ordered on-line? :: i think clothes for my kids

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gengen said...

Good for you in #8 myself i just cry or eat hehehhe. Mine is up.

clavs said...

I like your answer number 3 hehe

Chuchie | Chie Wilks said...

it was a fun holiday you had. nothing can be happier than spending that joyous season with the whole family

mine is up too

I am Harriet said...

Sounds like you have great weekends!

Have a great Saturday!

kittykat said...

my first time to join this meme..its fun...