Shopping for Aircon

The aircon in our room broke down last month. We just heard this loud sound when we tried to use it and it doesn’t produce cold air anymore. When the technician checked it, he said that the compressor is not working anymore so we should replace it. He said there are available compressors in the surplus and he will just charge us with labor. Paul and I were thinking of just getting a new aircon since with the surplus, there won’t be warranty anymore. So we went to the mall to look for a new aircon. While we were window shopping, we even saw some Maxim lighting which we feel is good for our house if only it is ours. :)

Anyhow, we’re torn between getting the window type aircon versus the split type inverter ones because we were told that we will save a lot in electricity if we use the inverter type. We still have not decided yet on which to get, but we said that we should get one soon because it’s already summer time.

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