Visit To The Hospital

Yesterday, our morning was spent at the hospital since the kids need to have a check-up. Lance has sore eyes for 2 days and we asked the pedia if his eyes are ok already. Hannah on the other hand has cough for almost one week already. The pedia’s assistant in their nurse scrub uniforms took their weight first while we wait for our turn. When it was our turn, the pedia said Lance’s eyes are ok already and we can stop with the eye drops. Unfortunately for Hannah, the pedia said she has asthma and she needs to nebulize every 6 hours for 3 days. She was also given an antibiotic and also cough syrup. After the check up, we then went to the grocery and drug store to buy the medicines.

After lunch, we went to Medical City to see my dermatologist because I need to have my face checked because I had a big pimple which got infected that I need to ask for advice on what to do with it. While waiting for our turn, we saw several students in their nursing uniforms visiting the hospital too. And then there are some wearing custom made scrubs which looks good too! Anyhow, the derma said that my pimples are going to heal soon and I need not worry. I just need to apply ointment for one week and hopefully it won’t leave a mark. I just pray that after a week, my face will be clean of marks. :)

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