Lola Ingga's 100th Birthday

Another long overdue post. Last April 16, we all went to Batangas to attend the 100th birthday celebration of Lola Ingga. Lola Ingga is the aunt of our uncle so technically she’s not really our relative but since we’re a close knit family, it’s as if she’s our lola too plus seldom do we meet a person who reaches 100 years old right?

Anyhow, the celebration started with a mass and then lunch was served to everybody and I think almost everyone in town is invited. Lola Ingga is amazing! She can still remember some stuff and she’s also strong in some ways. She can push herself while on a wheelchair and you can still talk to her.

I hope if ever I’ll reach that age, the people taking care of me won’t have a hard time, just like Lola Ingga. Happy 100th birthday again!

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