We had a short trip to the emergency room a couple of Mondays ago due to Hannah’s rashes. The yayas called us on the cell phone and told us that Hannah’s rashes are increasing and that her whole chest is covered with red spots. Paul and I immediately went home. We were glad though that Hannah is still on her usual “kulit” self and has no fever. After dinner, we went to the hospital for check up. They took Hannah’s temperature and asked us to stay at the isolation area because of the rashes. While we were waiting, Hannah is still makulit but every time a doctor approaches us, she tries to sit still and behave. The doctor told us that it’s good that Hannah doesn’t have fever because it means she has no infection. They said that it could be airborne and we just have to observe. They prescribed a medicine and told us that if Hannah gets a fever, we just give her a paracetamol and also visit the pedia after two days. After that we went home. We are just glad that Hannah is ok.

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