Half Day

Our office declared a half day today due to heavy rains. The HR people are also calling on the employees who were affected by Ondoy, myself included, to immediately go home or to check if it’s safer to stay in the office than go home. One of my officemates chose to stay since she was informed that her family evacuated their house already since the flood is getting deep and having experienced Ondoy before, they don’t want to have the same experience again. I, on the other hand, immediately went home when we were told to do so. My kids were home with the yayas and my mom and I’m scared that our street might be flooded and I’m not home. Fortunately, there’s no flood on my way home and also there’s no flood in our street that I was able to go home safe. Now we’re just waiting for Paul and my sister and hope that they be home too before it rains again. Be safe everyone!

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