Car Repair

Last Saturday, I brought our car to the repair shop for we’re having troubles with the brakes. It is making weird sounds whenever we step on the brake and some even think we don’t have brakes. When you stepped on it light, there’s this sort of a whistle that you can hear but when you stepped on it hard for a full stop, you’ll hear a screech which is sometimes embarrassing too. Anyway, the mechanic said there’s no need to replace the lining or the brake pads but it just needs cleaning. Unfortunately, we can still hear a sound though not as strong as it used to be. The mechanic also suggested we bring it to a repair shop where the car can be lifted because he saw some leakage but he can’t see it clearly. I was alone at that time that I decided to bring the car next week. We do hope there isn’t much damage to the car. :)

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