Trick or Treat

Yesterday, my kids participated in the trick ortreat at Robinsons metro east. We didn’thave a car yesterday that we opted to go to the mall that’s near ourhouse. It’s so near that we just need towalk going there. :)

I was a little disappointed at first when we gotthere because when we registered in the morning, we were told that as long asyou have the bracelet given by them, you are assured of a lootbag from robinsonand participate in the trick or treat. Their program and games started at 2pm so we went there by 3pm but whenwe got there, there were no loot bags left anymore which means that theregistration in the morning is useless. Thekids had a great time though so it’s ok na din with me.

I was surprised pa because Lance joined in one ofthe contests. He said he wants to joinso we sat near the stage and he patiently raised his hand hoping that he willbe called to join in the games. Fortunately, he was called and their team even won. :D

After that, kids who would like to join in the bestin costume contest were told to freshen up while the others proceeded to trickor treat. We went with them too for wedon’t have plans to join in the contest. The kids had a great time going from one store to another. I got tired especially Paul because when Hannahgot tired, she asked her dad to carry her. There were so many kids that some stores ran out of candies when wevisited them. We also did not visit allstores because the kids got tired na nga but still we got a lot! The kids really had fun that Hannah said shewants to go trick or treat again. I hopethere are still some malls that will have trick or treat tomorrow. :)

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