Wish List

Christmas is fast approaching and I’m sure lots of people have started with their shopping for Christmas gifts.  During this time also, I create a wish list for myself hoping that “Santa” will read my wishes and grant at least one in the list. :)

Some of the items in my wish list include gadgets that I really need, well ok want. Hehe!  Some of those in the list are video cam, a new digital camera and of course iPhone 4s.

Among all of these, I think the most important is the video cam.  I realized this when Lance had a performance during the grandparents day.  I was not able to take a clear video of his dance since I’m seated far from the stage and my reliable camera was not able to take a nice video.  Thankfully my sister was able to take a clearer copy of the dance so we were able to share it with friends and families.  Because of this, I thought that we need a video cam since I’m sure there will be more performances on the years to come.  Being a stage mother, I know I’ll be needing this :D

I’ve already checked camcorders online and visited different sites too including Deals Direct which is known to provide good camcorders and at affordable cost. I’m still comparing prices and specs but I have not chosen anything yet.  I also need Paul’s opinion on this to be sure that I’ll be able to get a good deal.  I do hope this Christmas, this wish will be granted. Wink wink!

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