Adtel Christmas Party

I took a leave last Friday to claim my last pay. Finally after almost 2 months I was able to get my last pay. There are some discrepancies on the check I got and HR said they will just provide me with another check.

That day also is Adtel’s Christmas Party and I was invited to attend. It was really a fun party and I missed my former colleagues. When I got there, I talked to my friends and also to my former team mates.

This year’s theme is Cowboy and as usual all employees are dressed according to theme. There was a dance presentation per group and I even joined in the presentation. Thanks to my colleagues who let me use their vest, cowboy hat and boots so I can look like as if I’m wearing a costume too.

It was also the President’s farewell party since he retired already and a welcome party for the new president. Most of the members of the board of directors are present including OML. They all gave their speech and in the end all the employees sang a song. J

It was really a fun night and I really enjoyed it. I hope I’ll be able to see them again. :)

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