I’m a milo drinker. The quote “milo everyday” applies to me. I’m not the usual adult who drinks coffee in the morning, but I take milo instead. If there’s no breakfast available in the house, just one cold glass of milo and I’m good to go. :D Well, actually even if there’s breakfast, it still won’t be complete if there’s no milo.

Anyway, I’m just a little disappointed with the mixture of milo now. It used to be so full of chocolate but they changed their mixture and put more milk in it. And because of that, I cannot make my usual “chocolatey” milo because I can’t find the right mixture anymore. I know it’s quite shallow but I’m sure most of you can relate. Just imagine your coffee with different mixture and it doesn’t taste right anymore. Di ba!?!

I just hope that the manufacturer of milo won’t change their previous mixture, coz if not, I’ll be one customer who would stop drinking it even if I don’t want to. L

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