Fare Increase

The jeepney fare increased by P0.50 last week, so the minimum fare will be P8.50 already. I’m not really affected by this because I take the shuttle daily to and from work and I don’t know what regulation the shuttle services follow. My concern is that when I was in the shuttle yesterday morning, the barker said they increased also and will be collecting P60 from the previous fare of P55. That’s a P5 increase! I just find it unfair for the jeepneys because with them, they need to go on strike or ask permission or approval from different branches of government just for them to get the 50 cents increase but for the shuttle service, they just announce it to the passengers. I don’t know who approves of their license and their increase that makes it easy for them to do just that. And we’re talking of a P5.00 increase! I just hope someone will take a look into it. It’s not only unfair for the jeepney operators but to us passengers as well.

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