MRT Experience

Last night, I met my previous colleagues at Megamall. Paul picked me up in the office and we decided to take the MRT so we can reach megamall early and won’t be stuck in traffic.

Since it’s rush hour, there were so many people in the station and the trains arriving are full already. In fairness, they were asking the people to form three lines per door so it will be more orderly. Unfortunately there are other people who’s not disciplined enough that whenever there’s a train arriving, they’ll come out from nowhere and will force themselves so they can enter the door. One time, I even asked someone to fall in line because he just stood beside me as if he was there for a long time. I told him that there’s a line at the back and that’s where he should go. J

Anyway, as I mentioned earlier, the trains arriving were already full that it took 3 trains before we were able to ride, and people were really pushing and forcing themselves. Thankfully I was with Paul that even if I got squeezed, he was trying to block people so I can have my own space.

After that ride, I realized that I was fortunate that there are shuttles going to and from work that I don’t need to take the MRT everyday. If that would be the case, I don’t think I’ll be able to last going to work knowing that I’ll face that kind of hurdle everyday.

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A Mom said...

nice contents to read here, keep it up!