Renewing My Driver's License

I renewed my driver’s license at Robinsons in the morning of my birthday. I’m really thankful that the mall right across our street has LTO already so it’s easier. I was there by 9am and I was able to get my license before 12noon. It could have been faster if I did not request for a change in my address but still, 3 hours is short enough especially since the place is air conditioned and they have seats naman for waiting area compared to the LTO before and also if I compared it to getting and NBI in the same mall.

Anyway, if you plan to renew your license here are the steps:

  1. Go to LTO window 1 to get the form.
  2. Fill out the form and proceed to the cashier to pay P400.00 for medical and drug test.
  3. Proceed to medical where they will check your height, weight and BP.
  4. Proceed to drug testing section. Submit your form then collect urine and submit to the lab. Wait for your name to be called for picture taking and finger scanning. Then wait again for your name to be called for the results. All these will take around 30-45 minutes only.
  5. Go back to medical for eye check up.
  6. Go back to window 1 of LTO and submit all your documents (application form, result of medical and drug test, old driver’s license).
  7. Wait for your name to be called for photo and signature.
  8. Wait again for your name to be called to pay for the license. You will pay 418.00 at window 3 - cashier. In my case I paid additional P100.00 for change of address. It also took some time because they said it needs approval pa and logging to the system which sometimes causes the delay. But if you don’t have anything to be changed, this will be short lang.
  9. Wait for your name to be called for release of license. This is at window 4.

It really is a short process and I’m glad the government is improving their services little by little.

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