Be Still

There are lots of things that have been going on in my mind that makes me worry a lot.  These concern my family and our future.  But God comforts me in His own way and in unexpected places.  I felt Him talking to me when I attended a wake last week.  It was at the wake of my mom’s cousin that Paul and I went to.  Before we left the family had a service where they sang songs and a pastor talked for a few minutes.  One song caught my attention, I really don’t know the song nor the title but the lyrics touched my heart, I even took a picture of it to make sure I’ll remember.
The last two lines in the refrain really touched me:

I will be still
Know You are God

I felt God telling me not to worry for He will take care of me and my family.  That He knows my needs and He will never forsake me.  I just need to pray and put my trust in Him and He will always be there.  Thank you Lord!

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