Core Banking

I’m on an irregular shift now because we’re manning the command center for the bank’s core banking thrust.  We’re assisting the branches with the glitches they experience and sometimes linking them direct to our partner who provided the system.
I have no banking experience but because of this I get to learn how transactions in the bank happen.  I also understand now how it feels to be the teller or a branch manager especially when clients are complaining due to long line or worse discrepancy in their accounts. 
We’re almost at the tail-end of the implementation having started almost a month ago.  There are still some glitches but the IT people are really working hard to fix them and eventually it will be ok.  I do hope things will be back to normal by next week.  I’m missing my place in the office already, my chair, my table, my computer. Hopefully we will be going back to our places na by next week. :)

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