Meet Up With College Friends

I met my college friends last Sunday after not seeing them for a long time.  It was so long ago that I don’t remember the last time we met.  We decided to meet because one of our friends is giving birth next week and another one came home from Saudi and is leaving within the month.

We met at the Verdana clubhouse in Laguna and just had fun talking and sharing stories.  I really miss their company and I’m really glad I was able to spend an afternoon with them.  I took Hannah with me because my friend likes to see her and I know she’ll meet other kids too.  And true enough she had a great time playing with the kids. 

It was one lovely afternoon and before I knew it, it’s time to go.  Hannah was so tired and happy that she fell asleep in the car on our way home.  Here’s one of our pictures during the meet up.  Our family is growing!

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jennyL said...

yey sarap meet ulit mga former classmates no? i'll be meeting my former college classmates soon too