Morning Rant

I take the shuttle everyday from house to office and back.  The shuttle terminal going to the office is just walking distance to our house so it’s very convenient.  But lately, the drivers from that terminal no longer unload passengers to PBCom.  They let all passengers go down Philam so they can go back right away.  Philam is along Paseo de Roxas so for me who works at RCBC which is at the corner of Ayala and Buendia, it would mean I will walk two blocks or more.  I really would like to complain already because they are cutting their trip just to avoid traffic.  So imagine if it’s raining and I need to walk far.  That’s what happened again today.  The driver’s excuse is that the police will arrest them but they cannot explain really as to why.  I’m really thinking of complaining them already; I just need to know where and to whom I should complain.  Hayz…

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