What Would Jesse Do?

I read an article in the news with the same title.  I just can’t see it anymore that I can’t share the link with you.  Anyway, Sec Jesse Robredo was laid to rest today and as we still mourn for his loss, I hope we learned something from everything that was said about him.  I hope his death is again a wake up call for us to do something good for our country.  Like what his daughter Aika mentioned in one of her interviews, it doesn’t have to be grand, what’s important is you made someone happy with what you did.
I still believe that the Philippines can be a better nation, we just have to be honest with what we do, having integrity and conviction, and really fight for graft and corruption, just like how Sec Robredo was, and our country will be better.  RIP Sec Robredo, thank you for your service to the nation.

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