AGS Fair

Since it was Lance’s birthday last Thursday, I decided to take a leave from work because prep children were also required to be accompanied by an adult at the fair.  When we got to school, I brought Lance to his classroom since parents/companions are allowed for today to enter the campus.  The class copied their homework first and then they were brought to the chapel to pray the rosary.  While praying, there was a procession around the campus and after that the kids were brought to Singson Hall for the McDonalds show.

After that, kids were brought back to the classroom to make sure everyone finished copying their homework.  Then they were given to their companion to enjoy the fair and companions were asked to sign a sheet if they are going home na so the teacher will be informed.
Lance played at the inflatables and he really had fun there.  He was only able to try 2 because before we know it, it was 11am already and we need to go to the service.  I told Lance that the fair will be until Saturday and he’ll have enough time to play in those three days.  He said it’s ok and he really had fun especially since it is his birthday. :)

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