UN Day in Lance's School

It is UN Day in Lance’s school today and he came with Korean costume (well I’m not really sure if it’s Korea or China lol!)  He has Filipino costumes here at home but the school said they can wear anything except for Filipino.  Thankfully, we are near the market and we were able to buy a costume for him.
He likes it too because it’s blue.  Too bad I was not able to ask the yaya to take pictures of him and his classmates wearing different costumes.  The yaya said they all look so cute when she saw them at the dismissal area. 
Lance said there’s really no program in school.  They were just asked to wear the costume and that’s it.  Happy UN Day! :)

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Thea said...

Ang kulet lang ng school ng anak ko. Nagtanong ako about UN day, ang sagot sa 'kin ToT daw ang activity nila. Hahaha. Well, at least parehong naka-costume.