Passport Renewal

I took a leave from work last Oct 25 to accompany Lance to the DFA in Megamall for his schedule of passport renewal at 2pm.  I was also supposed to go to Hannah’s school for their trick or treat.  Unfortunately, Hannah doesn’t have classes due to the storm and so we just played in the house while waiting for Kuya.
When Lance got home, we then went to Megamall for the schedule.  We only took a cab because our car is coding.  We arrived at Megamall by 1:30 and we were asked to go to the holding area.  At 1:45, we were told to go to the assessment area for initial checking and then get our numbers for queuing.  We got our number and waited for about 30 minutes until we were called.  In fairness, the waiting area is big enough to accommodate many people, aircondition is ok and they even have a television.  The 30 minutes waiting time for me is also ok because there were about 50 numbers/people before our turn and about 7 windows/DFA personnel processing the papers.
When finally it was our turn, the lady asked for my passport because I would be the traveling companion of Lance who is a minor.  And stupid me, I did not bring my passport!  I was asked by the lady if we can go back before 6pm and she would wait for me and I don’t have to get a number again.  It was only 2:30 then and I told her that I’ll come back.
Lance and I went to the taxi bay again and went home.  I already called the house and told them that we’re going back to get my passport, to please prepare it and have it photo copied.  When we got home, we got my passport and took the cab again and went back to Megamall.  It was also traffic to and from mega that we arrived around 4:30 I think.
We went straight to the lady who checked Lance’s documents and when everything is ok, we were asked to go to the cashier to pay.  After that we were asked to fall in line again for documentation, picture taking and finger scanning. 
All in all, it was really a quick process.  We only took longer because we have to go back and forth from our house to Megamall.  I think we were done in less than an hour. J  We were told that Lance’s passport will be available by Nov 20 and if we prefer to have it delivered, just add 2-3 days.  I decided to have it delivered because I don’t have time to pick up the passport anymore. :)

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