Trick or Treat at BSP

Another late post but still I'd like to share with you.  Last Oct. 30, Paul brought our kids to his office for trick or treat.  I was in training during that time that I was not able to go with them and just asked one of the nannies to go with Paul so she can take care of the kids while Paul is still working.


My kids had so much fun especially since they are with their cousins whose dad works at BSP too.  They took home lots of candies and both kids even won awards.  Lance won the Best in Dancing (Gangnam Style) while Hannah won Best in Costume for the girls.  My nephew on the other hand won Mr. Halloween 2012. J  Both kids received special prizes for that.


They were both tired upon arriving home but can't help to share with us the candies they got and also shared stories of what they did.  I was really glad that they were able to go trick or treating at Paul's office because I was not able to register them to any trick or treat activities at the mall. And more importantly, both kids said they had so much fun. J

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