Caught by the Police

We went to my uncle’s house last week to have dinner there so that my brother and his family will be able to meet my mom’s side of the family before they go back to New Zealand.  Paul and I together with the kids were riding in a car while my brother and his family together with my parents and my sis were riding another car.  Anyway, on our way there Paul was caught by the police when he tried to beat the red light in Makati.  I was really mad at him because I saw the light already and he still continued thinking that it’s ok.  Unfortunately it was in Makati and there are police there even on Sundays.  He tried to issue him a ticket and confiscate his license but we asked if we can just pay him instead since it will be too much hassle if he will get his license.  “Thankfully”, he said yes and we just paid the police and he gave back Paul’s license. :D

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