Volleyball Championship

Aside from swimming, one of my favorite sports is volleyball.  I was a player in school before and I really had fun playing that sport.  I started playing when I was in grade 4 until 4th year high school.  Nope I wasn’t a varsity player, and I just play during the intramurals in school but it was one of the experiences I won’t forget.
Anyway, I was glad to see that the sport is now getting a lot of attention and they can even fill up an arena just like during the elimination rounds.  And now, I’ve been hearing a lot of buzz and excitement on what will happen in the finals between the Lady Eagles and the Lady Spikers.  I’ve been rooting for the Lady Eagles even before my son started studying in Ateneo and I know they’ll have a hard time with La Salle especially since they are the defending champion.  And based from what I watched in the eliminations before, La Salle really has good tactics and powerful defense.  But just like every fan, I’m not losing hope and I will cheer for the Lady Eagles.  Who knows this time around, they can beat La Salle :)

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