Paul had a free time last Saturday and he said he wanted to take the kids out.  Since his officemate will have his son baptized in Shrine of Jesus near MOA, he said we will just attend the baptism at church then skip the reception and let the kids do whatever they want.
Surprisingly, Hannah said we should try riding the big Ferris wheel and Lance agreed.  So Paul and I came with them.  I really don’t fear heights but that ride was one of the scariest I’d felt in a long time.  It wasn’t really about the height but about our safety.  We were so high that what entered my mind was what if there was a mechanical problem and every one of us is there.  So scared I was that I was teary eyed when we were at the very top and my kids were telling me not to be scared and that it’s ok. J
Thankfully, nothing happened and we were able to go down safely.  My kids really love it and would like to repeat the ride but we told them we can do it again some other time.  I’m not sure if I can handle riding the Ferris wheel 2x a day. :D

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