My sister and I were talking about my cousin who loves music.  She’s a great singer, knows how to play the guitar and the keyboards as well and is married to a musician too.  His husband plays bass guitar and knows how to play the drums too!  No wonder their kids also love music even if they are just 1 and 3 years old.  Start them young right! :)
Anyway, I really love listening to them when they talk about music but there are times that I get lost in the conversation especially when they talk about different stuff to enhance the instrument they are using.  Like my cousin said she’d like to buy audio-technica ath-m50, and some drum sticks, etc.  I really hope my kids will learn to love music too, for now both of them loves to dance, while my daughter loves to sing too! Next time I’ll encourage them to learn to play one instrument each.  Good luck to me! :)

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