5 Celebrations That Deserve to be Remembered with a Portrait

There are many special occasions that should be captured on camera, however some events call for something extra special. When looking to create a series of stunning photographs that will help you to remember certain milestones in life, you should consider hiring a professional photographer. Here are 5 celebrations that deserve to be remembered with a portrait.


Getting a portrait done on your wedding day is the perfect way to document the start of your lives together, and a great way to remember your very special day. Many couples choose to have their favourite image enlarged and framed, so they can always have a wonderful reminder of their wedding day on display in their home.

New Arrivals

Celebrating the birth of a new family member is a perfect opportunity for a family portrait. Documenting your family’s growth is very important, and there’s no better way to do this than with a portrait. While home photos are great, there’s something very special about images that have been taken by a professional. Organise a family portrait to welcome your new arrival, and you will have a timeless set of images and memories that will last forever.


When you’re looking for great anniversary ideas, why not consider a romantic portrait to capture the love that you both share. Scheduling a portrait for your anniversary allows you to reconnect and spend some quality time in a fun and enjoyable setting. The photos are a reflection of your love for one another, and make a great mutual gift.


Graduating is a huge step for your children as they get ready to forge their own path in the world. Getting a family portrait for their graduation is not only a wonderful way to preserve memories, it is also a perfect way to celebrate the years of hard work that has gone into studying and preparing for this big day. Your kids will always be able to look back on their portrait with a sense of pride and accomplishment.


With kids growing up so quick, it almost feels like you could blink and they will already be adults. Celebrating milestone birthdays with a fun family portrait means you will always be able to look back and see every step on their journey as they grow and change. It is also a poignant visual diary of your family and their growth over the years.
No matter how much we want to remember things clearly, memories often fade. This is why it is so important to invest in quality portraits to capture the moment and ensure that these precious memories are preserved forever. The key to the perfect portrait is to find the right photographer. Luckily if you’re looking for a photographer, Brisbane has a number of professional and skilled individuals to cater for every occasion. Choosing the right photographer will ensure that you have a great portrait experience, with the result being natural, high quality photos that truly represent you and your loved ones.
Joanna is a Brisbane resident who currently writes for Kiss Photography Brisbane. Studying photography herself, she writes blogs to inspire other beginner photographers.

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