Money Matters for Kids

Last Friday, we went to Gateway to watch Smurfs and at the same time see BSP’s program for kids.   It is located at the activity center in Gateway where kids and adults can visit for free.  Both kids enjoyed looking at the coins from different countries and tracing the coins on a bond paper by using a crayon.  But most of all, they enjoyed the shopping activity.  They have this activity where they are teaching the kids to stick to their budget.  They are given a list of things to shop with budget and a basket cart to put the items they need to buy.  There is also a small calculator where they can check if they exceeded with the budget already.  Cute right? :)
Anyway, I’m just glad that BSP has this program to show kids the importance of money.  For now they just know that you need money to buy things that you need.  It’s good that at least little by little, they know that you need to budget your money and it is really important to save. :)

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