Typhoon Maring

Once again, a very strong typhoon hit our country and a lot of people are affected by it.  Thankfully, our area now was not affected and there was no flood in the street.  The drainage that the government worked on our area a few months back worked because if it hasn’t I’m sure we should have evacuated already because of the amount of rainfall experienced for the past few days.
Anyway, I’m really glad we surpassed this typhoon but I pity those whose houses were submerged in the flood.  I do hope this time; some government officials will use their pork barrel for the benefit of their constituents.  Some areas are still flooded and some don’t have a house to live in anymore.  L
The only good thing that the typhoon brought to us is that we were able to bond with the kids for 5 days.  We get to play together, be silly together, eat a lot together and sometimes just do nothing at all.  We were also able to rest for a few days while we monitor the weather.
Now that the typhoon is gone, we hope that government officials will do their best to assist those who were affected and for us who weren’t affected, let us also do our share in helping them by volunteering or by giving some relief goods.  There are a lot of evacuation centers asking for help and I’m sure any help we can give will be very much appreciated.

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