PTC in Hannah's School

Last Saturday, Paul and I went to Hannah’s school for the PTC.  We are really looking forward to that because we would like to know how Hannah is doing in school.  We can see that she can read already though sometimes she gets confused with b and d.  She gets confused with some of the numbers and we would like to know how we can help her to improve.  Also, we want to ask her teacher on how we can better discipline her because both Paul and I are sometimes having a hard time with her attitude.
Anyway, Teacher Jojie showed us the results of the mock exam and on which part Hannah needs to improve.  She said Hannah is doing well and she will just give worksheets so she can practice during sem break.  About the behavior, we asked her some tips on how to discipline her more and she gave us good advice.  Thankfully, Hannah behaves well in school; I just hope she’ll behave the same when she’s at home.

Hopefully we will be able to apply to Hannah the tips Teacher Jojie told us to discipline her but more importantly, we will practice Hannah with the worksheets given to prepare her also with the big school.  Teacher Jojie said she’s ready and we just have to practice her. J

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