Hannah's Field Trip

I took a leave from work last week to go with Hannah on her field trip.  We went to Dinosaurs Island in Clark Pampanga and we both had fun there.  We left the house around 5:45am to make it to the 6:00am call time.  There were 6 buses and we were on bus number 4.  When we got there, most of her classmates are there already. :)  The teachers just asked the kids to go to the bathroom to pee and off we go.
When we arrived, we were asked to assemble near the entrance so they can group us.  Our bus is grouped with bus #1 and each group there was an assigned tour guide to discuss about the dinosaurs.
When we finally entered the facility, Hannah got scared that she doesn’t want her picture taken.  It took a lot of encouragement and cajoling to make her stand near the dinosaurs for pictures.  She finally said yes when she saw some of her classmates having their pictures taken.
The tour was quite fast.  It took us only one hour I think and we got out already.  There was also a “train” ride that’s optional if you would like to have a closer “encounter” with the dinosaurs.  Hannah said she’d like to try it and we were joined by 2 of her classmates.  It was scary for the kids since you felt like the dinosaurs are really going to eat you.  But thankfully they are brave enough not to cry.
After that we had our lunch and it was free time for the kids until it was time to ride the bus again.  We bought lots of souvenirs and even a pasalubong for Lance.  We got home around 3:00pm and Hannah said she had fun at the field trip.  She said she got scared but at first but she had a great time. :)
If you are fond of dinosaurs, you may visit Dinosaurs Island in Pampanga.

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