June Couples EB @ Brothers Burger

We had our 3rd EB at Brothers Burger at Rockwell last July 22. Favorite hang out ng June couples ang Rockwell. 1st was at Starbucks, 2nd was at Good Earth Roast, and 3rd was at Brothers nga. Michelle, bat nga ba? hehehe! This time around our EB was more relaxed coz we're all married na. The first 2 EBs were fun and tensed (although wala ako nung 2nd EB) coz wedding preps yung topic and mga complains sa h2bs pag di nila maintindihan yung concerns ng mga brides. This time our topic was more on what happened on our wedding day, how it feels like being married, etc. Different funny stories were shared, from Mina's beefsteak to Michelle's visit to the market, etc. Iba-ibang kwento talaga! Sometimes I can't help but feel envious coz I haven't shared much time with Paul. I told them nga, they'll know Paul lang thru my kwentos and pictures. Haayy...
Anyway, back to our EB. There were 6 pairs that made it to our EB. I won't count myself since ako lang naman ulit yung nakapunta. Sayang others were not able to come. Pero we sure had fun during our EB. I'm really grateful coz we had bonding moments such as these. We've found new friends and we share different stories and concerns. Kakatuwa talaga!
Thanks michelle for organizing this. Hope to see you guys again soon! Sana next time, Paul can come na with me sa EB. Here are some pics during the EB:



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joanne said...

looks like you're all having a grand time. ang saya! =)

clarice said...

hi toni!

you know what, the thing i'm most grateful to w@w for, is that i found true friends there. the people i planned my wedding with are the same people i'm with now, and we get to share things only people at the "same" level will understand. kakatuwa kasi sabay-sabay kaming nag-grow as brides, now as wives, and hopefully as mothers years from now. i was so happy to see that you also have the same group of friends. may your friendship blossom more. galing ng w@w no? :) *hugs, sis!*


Anonymous said...

Excellent, love it! » » »