Budgeting Plans for 2007

I’ve come across aggie’s post about saving / budgeting. At the same time, I read also toni’s post about the same topic. And I decided to make a post about it too. I really need a well planned budget starting this year. As I’ve mentioned in my previous post, my brother’s family left for New Zealand last week. That leaves me and my sister sharing for the expenses, and since my sister has work and is at home lang during night time, that leaves me paying most of the expenses (since I have my yaya, Lance and my aunt).

While thinking about the steps that I need to do to save, I realized that I need to change my attitude first. You see, I’ve been hooked to using credit cards. This is because I know I’ll be having money from my salary, in effect using the money that I don’t have yet and worse, not paying the credit card company on time due to some reasons like I’ve already spent the money that should be used for paying my credit card or there’s more important or urgent items that should be bought or paid for. In the end, I was not able to pay my credit card and it earned interest pa. Haayy…. Kaya starting this month, I promised myself not to use my credit cards anymore. I already cut them into pieces so that I really won’t be tempted to use them na. I just have one credit card left in case of emergency (and I’m really hopeful that I won’t be using it).

Next, I have a notebook where I put all my expenses so that I know where our money goes. I also wrote there our payables per month. Though I think I need to transfer it to a worksheet for better monitoring. I’ve also put an alarm to my phone on all our payables one week ahead before the due date so that I won’t miss payment schedules.

I also bring food dito sa office as baon for lunch para I won’t buy food outside anymore. And since I need to lose weight, I don’t eat dinner also kaya na-extend pa longer yung groceries namin at the same time, I’ll lose weight (sana! Hehe!)

Ano pa ba, I promised myself not to withdraw money from my savings account that our accounting department deducts automatically before giving our salary. And last and simplest of all, I have a piggy bank where I put all 10 peso coins that I have in my wallet.

I do hope that with all these steps, I’ll be able to save money and at the same time be debt free. Wish me luck guys!

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